Improve the Look and Comfort of Your Vehicle

Tint your windows at Spot-Les in Lansing, MI

Receive a lifetime warranty

Receive a lifetime warranty

Spot-Les is your premier window tinting resource in Lansing. We have the laser-cutting technology to make the tint fit your car exactly. Start thinking about tinting your windows because:

  • The interior will remain cooler in the summer
  • The seats won't take as much sun damage
  • People can't look inside your car as easily
  • The exterior will look sleeker
You'll be happy with the results of your car once Spot-Les is finished. Call today to schedule a window tinting appointment.

When you work with Spot-Les, you get a lifetime warranty on window tinting. We offer three shades of tints that are legal in Lansing, MI.

We'll address any tinting issues during the lifetime of your car if you tint your windows with us. Reach out to Spot-Les now with any questions about our warranty.